White Dahlia Massage and Wellness


Enjoy a 5-star experience in a White Dahlia studio for your next massage, facial, or filler. Learn more about a membership and make massage and wellness a regular part of your life.

The White Dahlia

Ancient Aztecs prized the dahlia for its healing properties. The flower was first introduced to Spanish explorers as early as 1570. In 1789, the director of the Botanical Garden at Mexico City sent dahlia plant parts to Antonio Jose Cavarilles at the Royal Gardens of Madrid in Spain. Cavarilles cultivated new plant forms and named the genus after the Swedish botanist, Dr. Anders Dahl. The dahlia is our symbol to represent healing and wellness for both mind and body.

What Our Clients Say

  • I have been a member at White Dahlia for five years now. The main reason is the staff. Everyone there makes you feel as though they are happy to see you and really appreciate that you come to White Dahlia. Where do you find that kind of reception any more?

    -Kim Colavito

  • When I first entered your doors I felt like I was no longer in Raleigh but in South Beach or New York City. All I can say is wow, what a place.

    -JoAnne Taylor

  • You have, by far, the best therapists around. Giving a White Dahlia gift certificate to a client is the best networking I can do. Works every time.

    -John Posey